О компании «Toptal»

An Intense Meritocracy

At Toptal, we value people for their contributions, not their time spent in a chair. We track goals reached, not hours worked, and we don't waste time in useless meetings. We are a completely remote company and foster a culture of relentless problem solving, direct feedback, and constant collaboration.

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We analyze ideas rigorously, foster accountability, and have extremely high standards for everything we do. We are deeply invested in making sure Toptal is a place where everyone is continuously growing and learning.

The Ultimate Remote Culture

We are fully-remote, and we work from wherever we want, whenever we want.

We encourage everyone to travel any time, anywhere, and many Toptalers are constantly traveling to awesome places around the world. We also have a phenomenal community. There's a Toptal event going on somewhere around the world nearly every single day.

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