О компании «Provectus»

🚀 Provectus is an AI consultancy and solutions provider, helping businesses achieve their objectives through AI. 💭Just imagine: ML for making factories safer for workers, preventing vision loss, and reducing the spread of disease, AI for curing eye diseases — it’s about the products we’ve already developed😮!

Who we are:

🌎 An international team of more than 500 people from Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Russia.

🏆 AWS Premier Consulting Partner with competencies in Data & Analytics, DevOps and Machine Learning.

What we do:

💻 We design and build AI solutions for industry-specific use cases, leveraging our expertise in data, machine learning, and cloud.

🌐 We use Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Anomaly Detection technologies to empower our clients and drive innovation.

☁️ We help businesses design, architect, migrate, or build cloud-native applications on AWS cloud.

How we work:

👂 At Provectus, everyone has a voice. Share your vision and ideas, utilize cutting-edge technologies that drive positive change on a global scale, contribute to open source projects, and realize your full potential!

🌱 We are committed to developing tech communities in every market where we operate. Join our open knowledge-sharing events, tech conferences, internships and educational programs.

🏡 Work from wherever works for you. Provectus offers a hybrid work model for our employees. Work from home or at the office, or combine the two.

Be Heard. Be Empowered. Make a Difference❤️

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