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Unity is a revolutionary multi-asset trading platform for brokers and banks that gives access to client trading with all asset classes (non-/ deliverable forex, indices, commodities, CFDs, ETFs, equities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc) on various markets in a single innovative interface. The system allows to trade using internet connection on your computer or through mobile application interface. Unity helps customers to increase their revenues and provide their clients with the highest level of service.

- Fulfil all obligations using our middle and back-office infrastructure
- Discover all necessary instruments for trading (charts with built-in Trading View functionality, trade blotter, order book, trading signals and wide range of order types)
- Customise appearance up to your preferences and add your labels
- Manage your finances flexibly with the developed NeoBanking infrastructure
- Choose any liquidity or market data provider that you would like us to integrate with
- Administer your client trading with configuration of marginal parameters and effective risk-management system

Technology Stack -  Scala, Akka, Akka Streams, GRPC, Sangria, QuickFIX/J, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Docker

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