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RebelMouse is a company with a culture built by engineers for engineers. We believe in creative developers who have product ideas and love understanding the business problems, not just having solutions handed to them.We are an entirely distributed team. Our bar for geography is none. But our bar for talent is very high. You will work with the smartest people in the world on some of the highest traffic sites globally. 

RebelMouse serves 120 million unique users monthly on average for some of the coolest properties on the web: hub.united.comrawstory.comlaverita.infopapermag.combrit.comother.ly.If you don’t want to be tied to an office chair and like the idea of being able to work from any place, we embrace digital nomads. No matter where, when, or how long you work on something, the key requirement is to deliver!Diversity matters a lot to us. Our founder and CEO is gender fluid and we are a very safe, positive, and loving environment.

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