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MirCod Technology enables developers to connect various sensors without complex integration and unnecessary time waste for electronics integration, code writing, visualization and core hardware development. We emphasize the analytical features of our open source platform and revolutionizing the digital health care industry. Mircod team believes that today's remote monitoring technology isn't sufficiently advanced to predict a potential adverse event and alert a monitoring provider before disaster strikes. 

Our mission is to enhance these technologies and bring to the market “ease of use” remote monitoring technology platform that enables continuous, configurable, wireless acquiring of bio-metric parameters from the human body. (Wherefore platform is not limited only for healthcare!).

Based on original Mircod technology we also creating an open source platform that target more efficient real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring solutions for the Defense, Sport, First Responder, Education-Pro, HealthCare and Personal Security markets by enabling wireless monitoring enhanced by digital technology and real time data capture and storage. Looking far beyond passive check-ups our goal is to take an active role in the next-generation of mobile health care HIPAA complaint solutions. 

We believe — we can make health care more effective, friendly and less expensive by leveraging and connecting key components such as biometric data, mobility and secure storage of health information. 

We understand — the future of healthcare will be transformed using innovative licensed open source, collaborative technology. More importantly we allow companies, individual engineers and entrepreneurs to build and create systems that predict medical emergencies. MultiSence provides the infrastructure consisting of hardware, software and services, that allow the platform to continuously monitor patients on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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