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О компании «Future Technologies Media Group»

Our mission is to bring to life the projects of our portfolio companies in the fields of the advanced technology of today and the future. Our companies operate on a multinational level, including China, the United States and the UK. Although, we are based in Russia, we work independently from the Russian market. We make sure that our technological inventions meet the international standards and are directed primarily at the global market. 

Our companies are engaged in an ongoing research in the fields of the Artificial Intelligence,biomedicineand other exponential technologies that lead to the global changes in the world. Our unique advantage is the absence of competitors on the market. The professional team consists of the highly skilled developers and the world-renowned scientists and biologists — Alex Zhavoronkov, Anton Buzdin,Nikolay Borisov, Andrey Garazha.

Our collaboration with domestic and international laboratories generates innovations in Artificial Intelligence and produces robots. Our team consists of professionals from around the world.

Thiscompany brings people and technology together. We are always looking for qualifiedindividuals, that are ready to immerse themselves into a dynamic environment to explore the new inventions. Our doors are open to the entry level professionals that are ready to start an exciting career in our company. Invest in your future with us.

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