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datarockets is a holacracy-driven distributed software development company focusing on setting up transparent and honest processes with the team and clients. We adore flexibility, freedom and independence, so we have no micromanagement and draining bureaucracy. 100% remote work gives us extra flexibility and extra time for work-life balance. Trust us, we know how to work remotely – we were remote from the very beginning of our history!

datarockets always put people first. We have a personal approach to every teammate: we put a piece of our hearts and invest our time and money into every datarocker. Our team can’t live without fun, so we often gather online at Zoom meetings or in Slack channels to chat, support each other, joke, share recent news and exchange memes. A family-like atmosphere spread across 13 different countries though it feels like we all work at one place!

Our company not only aims at building a comfortable workplace for people, but also at letting our teammates work with valuable projects we all believe in.

The key formula of datarockers’ comfort is our culture & atmosphere + care & benefits + interesting tasks & knowledge sharing.

For more information, check out our career page!


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