Senior Software Development С++


Бэкенд, Старший (Senior)C++

Местоположение и тип занятости

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Международная компания, специализирующаяся на консалтинге, технологических услугах и аутсорсинге

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Mandatory requirements:

• Excellent knowledge of C ++

• Good knowledge of Python and TeamCity

• Experience with built-in (embedded) software, real time systems (RTEMS), processors, Blackfin, ARM, programming experience under Android / iOS

• Experience in development for Android (Qt / NDK), iOS (Qt), Linux

• Experience with basic development tools, version control (GIT, Mercurial), continuous integration, refactoring and code quality control

• Experience in developing multi-threaded applications

• Work experience at least 5 years

Nice to have responsibilities:

• Basic knowledge or better of high-precision satellite navigation or the desire to work in this area

• Basic level or better in mathematics and physics - (linear algebra, mathematical analysis, statistics, mechanics)

• Basic knowledge or better of optimal control and estimation theory


• Applications & utilities development for mobile machine control systems, local & global navigation systems, software modules & their integration

• Analysis of the initial requirements, clarification of objectives, the development of optimal solutions, assessment of complexity

• Debugging and support of existing code, development of debugging tools for diagnosing problems, post-processing logs and simulation of the control systems.

• Adding support for different hardware and operating systems (own production unit: RTEMS / Linux, PC: Windows / Linux, portable devices: Android / iOS)

• Support for projects based on the platform in terms of localization and elimination of software errors, problems of interaction between different modules, parts of the project and system integration.

• Development and implementation of interfaces & protocols with other communication devices, as well as support for existing ones.

• Porting existing code to new platforms

• Support, maintain RT embedded systems (RT Linux/ Buildroot/ Yocto etc)

• Support & development of kernel drivers & modules

• Support external devices / sensors

• Support new HW development

• Development of communication protocols with other devices

• Development of internal communication interfaces

• Field testing, debugging & support of products


• Professional and career growth in the company, the opportunity to participate in various projects

• Working in a distributed team of professionals

• Competitive salary level

• Ability to work remotely