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Frontend Engineer


от 2000 €

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Discovering product videos for online stores

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Who we are

We’re a growing international company from Helsinki (Finland) that helps online stores by automating the discovery and embedding of product videos. Our team is spread out across 4 countries around the world.

We’re artists, creators, designers, travelers, cyclists, programmers, dancers, photographers, writers, pet lovers, gamers, campers, runners, parents, sailors, entrepreneurs.

We all are so different, but we’re united by common values and goals: do exceptional work, have fun, build the best product in the business, experiment, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us, and keep learning.

Here’s what you will be doing

We have a JS widget that is served to over 21M unique visitors a month. This software is a big part of the project you will be working on. It's one of the most crucial parts of the system. Thus it requires a lot of attention to details and the architecture, and more importantly, a well-tested approach in the development and shipping the solution.

It's been written in plain JS back then in 2014-17, and hasn't been under active development recently, however, the backlog and the wanted features list has been growing. So, we started developing a new version of it from scratch. It’s written in TypeScript, using LitElement (Web Components). The widget’s purpose to show relevant videos, gather usage activity, and communicate with the server. Sounds easy, right? But there will be lots of limitations as all of our clients have different requirements for its functionality and visual representation. It will be challenging, we promise! 😉

In your daily routines will be:

- Developing and architecting a unique solution with challenging restrictions and requirements for performance, adjustability, and stability.

- Participating in planning the product’s journey — we trust you to influence how it should be developed in order to gain new heights.

- Working in teams on improving UX.

Who you are

If you consider yourself an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive human, we’re happy to accept you. You like to communicate proactively all the challenges ahead, making sure that all the expectations around are aligned properly. And of course, you like coding.

We’re looking for a skilled frontend developer who would like to work for an international company that gives developers freedom, respect, flexible hours. We can consider relocation at some point after passing the trial.

- 3+ years of experience in frontend development

- Fluent Russian speaker, as our development team speaks Russian mostly

- Solid understanding of how browsers work (HTTP(S), CSP, CORS, etc), frontend ecosystem, and web technologies in general

- Know some specific traits of different browsers and how they may influence your scripts

- You know the aspects of OOP, FP, SOLID, DRY and use them wisely

- Understanding of application design patterns and the ability to apply them

- Good understanding of how to debug and profile the code, find bottlenecks in performance

- Ability and willingness to take ownership of some parts of the system

- Ability to write and speak in English; fluency is a huge plus

- A can-do attitude and willingness to learn a lot in a short time (i.e., can you handle the guaranteed high demands on your brainpower?)

- A great team player who is able to share their work with their teammates and solve big problems in cooperation

- Good analytical skills, ability to make truthful conclusions on problems and their causes

- Have some experience with backend and understand some concepts of it


  • Competitive salary
  • Mobile phone benefit and paid home internet connection.
  • Costs of professional books and courses related to work.
  • Costs related to visiting conferences and professional events.
  • Partial compensation for English language courses costs (60%).
  • Flexible hours - you choose when to work and from where.
  • Friendly environment

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