PHP with strong OOP (remote)



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* PHP with strong OOP knowledge (Codeigniter and Laravel/Lumen) and working knowledge of OOP design patterns and architecture concepts.

* Understanding of composer and PHP package management (both use and authoring).

* Strong Javascript knowledge with experience with jQuery. Riot.js is a plus.

* Experience with MySQL.

* Experience with building/using RESTful APIs.

* AWS systems management experience.

* Working knowledge of Nginx as a webserver.

__Bonus & Items to Learn___

* Experience with Redis

* Knowledge of ReactPHP

* Experience with Less/Sass

* Experience workflow tools like Gulp or Grunt

####Tools and processes

* Ability to use the terminal CLI.

* Ability to use Git and adherence to git flow process.

* Ability to use vagrant boxes for development.

* Understanding of TDD and BDD.

* Ability to use Postman or similar tools for testing APIs.

####Infrastructure Knowledge

* Understanding of Service Oriented Architecture.

* Experience with Docker for use in production.


* Understanding of deployment tools like DeployHQ

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