О компании «Xim Inc.»

XIM was founded in 1994 in San Francisco.

The company's creators had acquired extensive experience in collaboration with US-based, Europe-based, and Indian outsourcing software development companies. That allows XIM to integrate the best features of global outsourcing providers and avoid their flaws.

We provide outsourcing services that feel like they're in-house.

Our strong sides include the following:

  • Low-risk project management with high-quality outcomes
  • Stable cross-functional teams built from our onboard specialists
  • A business-oriented approach that allows to grow beneficial products from even wild ideas

  • 2019 marks our 25th year in business. That means that we are a mature company with lots of findings turned into established best practices.

    XIM appreciates their customers and employees, and invests heavily in people, business development, and communication.

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