О компании «TraceAir»

About Traceair

Traceair is on a mission to make construction automatic.

One day robots will be doing all the heavy construction work — safely, effectively and error-free; then, people will be free to use their talent and imagination to design new beautiful structures on Earth and beyond.

What we do

Today our software guides earthwork, so our clients can build on schedule and within budget. Every day across the world, leading industrial, residential, and commercial developers' teams use Traceair to collaborate. For them Traceair is guiding "single point of truth" that shows and measures daily work progress and prevents costly errors.

We have put several things in place to make it happen:

  1. Drones collect data from construction sites
  2. Data processing algorithms and processes convert it to accurate 3D models
  3. Our collaboration platform with intuitive tools brings insights to our clients.
  4. As a result, our clients' construction teams can see and measure progress and make effective decisions.

Press about Traceair
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