О компании «Tabtrader»

TabTrader is a market leading mobile app for cryptocurrency trading that allows users to connect multiple exchanges.

Small team solving challenging tasks like real-time data feeds, super-fast databases, Android and iOS UX, guerrilla marketing. 

We became world's most popular interface for trading many digital assets, gained billions of dollars trading volume and expand globally without a marketing budget.

TabTrader BV has two offices: in Amsterdam, Netherlands and in St Petersburg, Russia.

We strive to be genuinely the best employer in the country. We won't have thousands of employees, but dozens will want to come to work every day.

  • Health benefits include 90% compensation of any medical procedure in any clinic, including dentistry (even not emergency). Any health-related procedures done in any city of the country will be paid
  • Compensation of any additional education
  • Free meals: lunch from any restaurant in Yandex.Delivery and Delivery Club
  • Kitchen with fruits, drinks, healthy foods, chocolate, Italian coffee, etc.
  • Friday pizza and beer
  • Abroad corporate holidays 
  • Free Skyfitness gym or 50% compensation of any other gym or sports section
  • Dogs friendly & baby friendly
  • Quiet and comfortable work area, with personal space for everyone
  • Tall windows with natural light
  • Lots of plants that make the atmosphere cosy
  • Rest area with sofas and dining area
  • Standing desks with lifting mechanisms for everyone
  • Modern armchairs
  • 15 minutes walking from the metro and lots of parking spaces

Our stack:
Kotlin, AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch

Our processes:
Minimal agile, code review, CI/CD, unit, integration, load tests

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