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We don't have an office. We use a remote office. You could work everywhere you want.

ServiceWhale is the first online marketplace designed specifically for homeowners to purchase complex, big-ticket home improvement projects with ease.

Why is it that we can compare price and reviews instantly on literally thousands of consumer products and services, but aren't given that luxury when shopping for various improvements for our homes? Why do we have to take time out of our busy schedules to invite contractors to our homes when all we really want is a price (and the right one, at that)? ServiceWhale's unique platform solves those problems and saves homeowners what they care about most... time and money. The dark ages of shopping for home improvement projects are officially over!

ServiceWhale allows homeowners to find, compare, and order home services in the same way we already shop basically all other products online – from cars to golf clubs. By seamlessly connecting homeowners and contractors on our platform, we make the process of ordering a project easy, allowing homeowners to save up to 50% on their desired project, and at the same time bringing real orders (rather than just leads) to contractors. That's what we call a 'win-win'.

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