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RetailNext is the market leader in Big Data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Our patented technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers worldwide retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data.

RetailNext is an award-winning pre-IPO business intelligence company that is transforming the retail landscape. With us, you can advance your career while changing the way an entire industry thinks.

As the leading retail analytics provider in the world, we apply e-commerce-style analytics to brick-and-mortar retail stores, helping them collect and analyze real-time data to improve in-store shopping experiences. Our unique approach, global reach, and ability to track more data points than any other retail intelligence company make RetailNext the best choice to optimize marketing and increase profit per shopper.

At RetailNext, we solve problems that have never been solved before and create groundbreaking products and solutions for better retail intelligence. That means we’re always looking for the best and brightest minds in engineering, analytics, R&D, product marketing, sales, business development, operations, customer/technical support, finance, and strategy so we can help our customers maximize every shopping experience.

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