О компании «Readdle»

Our mission is to make millions of people more productive. Apple has crowned many of our apps as Best New Apps and Editors’ Choice, we have often hit Top Charts in dozens of countries, and we even created the document scanning niche back in 2009 with Scanner Pro. But this is just what is on the surface.

Who We Are?

Readdle creates remarkable personal productivity apps for those who want to do more with their mobile devices. Because of our focus and attention to detail, our products become category leaders on the App Store, bring technology one set forward, and are used 45 million people worldwide.

Started as a dream by 4 university friends, Readdle now has more than 85 smart and passionate people working to boost personal productivity. Featured by Apple, reviewed the the New York Times and all major tech media, and, most important, loved by millions of people, Readdle wants to go further and create multi-platform productivity products for the mobile generation. Join us now and be part of something huge!

Why Join Readdle?

If you want to work in one of the best teams in Ukraine, and probably even Europe, Readdle is the place for you. We are a product company, caring about our customers and putting them first by creating stellar mobile products and providing exceptional support. Readdle is the place to grow personally and professionally.

Readdle gives you an amazing opportunity to create something that millions of people will use every single day. Something that makes them more productive. Moreover, you’ll have a unique chance to compete on a global scale with global giants such as Adobe, Microsoft, and others. Are you up for the challenge? :)

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