О компании «QIT Software»

We are an outstaff company that provides an opportunity to develop a career in well-known American and European product companies.

With QIT Software you will be able to:
1. Build your international career and create products for hundreds of thousands of users around the world.
2. Work on progressive projects and tasks. One of the main principles of our strategy is to cooperate with foreign partners in the field of innovation and high-tech developments.
3. Unlike large companies, we are open and flexible, we have everything simple and clear. Our developers have maximum freedom of action and take an active part in the development of both individual projects and the company as a whole.
4. Celebrate our small and big victories together with a team of like-minded people, have fun and relax.

Whether you’re just on the verge of your career path, or you’re already moving up confidently, with QIT Software you’ll find a balance between great work and a great life.

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