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О компании «First Line Outsourcing»

First Line Outsourcing is an IT company that solves complex, interesting tasks for clients from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Australia.

Our stack: JS/TS, Angular/React, Node.js, HTML/CSS, DynamoDB/Aurora, Serverless, AWS/GCP/IBM, Electron.

If you are not afraid and you are ready to dive into one of the most difficult but interesting stacks, join. We always welcome new employees and are ready to share our expertise :)

Our main love is the specificity of our projects. Who doesn't love and watch TV shows these days? We do not just watch them, but also develop cool software for such companies. Of course, everything is under the NDA, but if you are fond of this, you can guess which are the top companies in the media right now.

For those who are not in the serial theme, we are also happy, for them there are projects in news companies, or other areas. For example:

- broadcasting;
- media;
- HR;
- transport rental;
- internet of things;
- social networks, etc.

We take our clients' business to the next level and have been helping them achieve their business goals for 6 years now.

About Us:

A young, open, driving team of active guys.
Flexible business processes without multi-stage approvals and regulations.
A clear, transparent system of development individually for each employee.
Professional, deep expertise in our stack. Team of strong experts.
Experience in international projects with modern, advanced technologies.
Our values. Our main value is people. Therefore, it is very important for us to work with those who are on the same wavelength with us.

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