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О компании «ON Semiconductor»

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is driving energy efficient innovations, empowering customers to reduce global energy use. The company is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions offering a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient connectivity, sensing, power management, analog, logic, timing, discrete and custom devices. The company’s products help engineers solve their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, IoT, medical and aerospace/defense applications.

ON Semiconductor operates a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

Quantenna Division of ON Semiconductor

Quantenna is a leading developer of 802.11ac and 802.11n semiconductor solutions for the next generation of ultra-reliable, Wi-Fi networks.

The Company was founded in 2006 by leading experts in the semiconductor, wireless and networking industries. The team’s shared vision is to create wireless semiconductor solutions that solve the whole home wireless networking challenge and how to reliably move HD video and data for multimedia entertainment ubiquitous Wi-Fi technology.

Quantenna is focused on enabling a new wave of wireless multimedia entertainment solutions that require extremely predictable performance, rock-solid reliability, and easy service deployment in order to support whole-home, full HD video distribution and networking services over standard Wi-Fi networks.

Quantenna's technology is targeted at devices such as wireless set-top boxes, residential gateways video bridges, and other devices that deliver highly reliable broadband multimedia video and data services over Wi-Fi anywhere in the home. The company's industry-leading 802.11ac and 802.11n MIMO technology offers carrier-grade features which are essential for distributing multiple HD video streams with wire-like quality throughout the home at full, 1080p resolution.

Major video and Internet service providers including deploy Quantenna’s technology: AT&T, DirecTV, Swisscom, Telefonica, France Telecom and Rostelecom. It has also been selected by other major North America and European service providers for their future video and data networks.

Russian Subsidiary Overview

St. Petersburg Design Center was founded in 2014 as an engineering center focused on Research and Development of WiFi products and services, rapidly expanding it's portfolio and now starting a new branch of development in Image Sensor Technology.

As of today there are following centers of excellence established and operating in St. Petersburg:  Algorithm Design, ASIC, MU-MIMO, QA Infrastructure, Cloud Software.

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