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Longevity InTime BioTech (Delaware, USA) develops the real time technology of an online early stages diseases diagnosis by measuring human biodata online. With a hardware, software, complex of devices we predict & prevent the severe diseases on the not known before earliest stages, which can affect the longevity

Mission is in predicting & preventing severe diseases by instant distant real time monitoring of 400+ essential health parameters. With participatory of our users we give insights on their health & with AI server, trained on the 50+ years of G20 Big Data, we make personal recommendations how to avoid the upcoming diseases & to slow & revers aging

We are the global 4 verticals company with a great team of experienced bioinformaticians, award winning scientists & top managers with startup experience, solving the global problem of longevity

Our diverse 40 IT Developers team + 10 Advisors from 12 countries have formed, possibly, the world’s biggest biotech startup, in which all team devoted to humanity's longevity contribute their working capital 24/7 on the sweat for equity basis, with minimum risk of failure

Goal is to make people live 20+ active & happy years without limitations. We bring personal & national interest solution to each nation & region.

On our way to fight TOP 20 severe diseases we have started with fighting obesity & coronavirus. Apps AntiObesity (iOS), BMI Disease Tracker (Android) & AntiCoronaVirus (www.intime.digital) are live

We believe that you want to see how your kids will raise their own grandkids!

We plan to deliver this product InTime!

Due to COVID-19, all the world, first time ever, united in fighting early death, we have started this fight in 2018 & welcome everyone to join us on the stock option basis, who is not indifferent to prolonging his own active & healthy life

MVP is measuring 20 markers, plan to track 400+ in 2021.

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