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О компании

Longevity InTime BioTech is the global early-stage company with a great team of experienced bioinformaticians, award winning scientists & top managers with startup experience, solving the global  problem of longevity. The company's objective is in “live” digitization in through AI & Blockchain of all human Big Data for purposes of lifespan prediction & extension up to 120+.

If you want to try to save your loved ones from early death, choose our company!

Due to world’s hysteria we made a decision to develop AntiCoronaVirus online tracking solution. Now it’s time for IT developers to help doctors and scientists from all over the world  to join antivirus campaign.

InTime is 4P medicine technology (predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory) of an early stage diseases diagnosis by collecting and measuring human biodata online. With a hardware & software, a complex of devices we plan to find & as the result to try to fight the diseases on the not known before early stages, which affect their longevity.

Our ultimate goal is to make people live 20+ active & happy years without limitations. We bring personal & national interest solution to each nation & region. InTime with use of IT tech extend period of active life up to 95 years, from 25 - completion of adulthood - up to 120, maximum time before the "failure" of body. InTime an AI, working with millions of "digital I", consists of 8 sections, first: info & analytical system - open platform that allows user to form & maintain his personal profile "digital I" in statics & dynamics & draw longer trajectory of active life.

AntiCoronaVirus app for Android - www.AntiCoronaVirus.Center

AntiCoronaVirus for iOS request a Test Flight link, send your Apple ID, First & Last name on support@intime.digital and we will send you the application

 AntiObesity is #1 in Apple Store, enter "obesity" in the search box.  https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/antiobesity/id1511198472

OverWeight Disease Tracker in Google Play. 

All apps are in beta testing

We have gathered a strong team from 11 countries, incl. USA, India, UK, Indonesia, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and inviting more professionals. All team is working for equity. Working for equity is common in USA & Europe, we understand that Russian speaking society is new to this approach, bu we think it's better to start now to learn more about advantages to be a partner of a business than to be an employee. However we plan to start paying cash after 3-5 months from now.

To learn more about our founder:  https://teterin6.wixsite.com/olegteterin

Latest article on our company's technology, published by famous professional media: https://www.longevity.technology/real-time-tracking-of-400-longevity-biomarkers/

Pitch on Podcast show: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mokuteki_the-leadership-in-business-podcast-episode-activity-6706794075019911168-2f6C

Why most scientific researches are underfunded & how we can change that: 

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