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At HypeAuditor, we are building a product that helps thousands of companies around the world launch effective advertising campaigns with bloggers. Our platform is based on a powerful analytical system that, using ML algorithms, evaluates accounts according to hundreds of parameters, allows you to cut off fraud and scammers, and gives advertisers a deep understanding of the blogger’s audience. Our product is used by well-known brands around the world - Dior, Amazon, L'Oreal, IKEA, Unilever - and the world's largest agencies - GroupM, Havas, Ogilvy, OMD. We are trusted by biggest media companies like Forbes, The Washington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, etc. 

There are 40 people in our technical team - developers and engineers, product managers and analysts, and there are over 100 of us in HypeAuditor. We are an international team, and our employees work from the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Armenia, Russia, Cyprus and others countries.

We are on the Forbes list of Top Startup Employers in the US.

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