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О компании

Gett is not a simple taxi service, it is a unique dynamic highloaded system involving thousands of drivers and millions of users. Gett RnD is responsible for creating and further developing the platform, its products and mobile applications which can withstand a million requests at a time and make life easier for lots of users.

Our global Gett R&D team resides in Israel and Russia. Moscow R&D office was founded in autumn 2017 by an experienced team of developers with an impressive track record in successful international ride-sharing service — Gett. 

Last year Gett joined forces with Juno — service taking a special place on the US ride-sharing market. Juno R&D team is located in Minsk, other offices are operating in New York, Tel Aviv and Portland.

Our stack includes Go, Ruby, Python as principal backend languages, we use React.js in Frontend development and all our tests are written in Java. 

What our employees love the most about working at Gett R&D:

  • We always strive for excellence. Quality is the king.
  • We face a lot of technical challenges
  • We are open to strong skills and fresh approach. Every voice matters.

We consider ourselves to be easygoing and self-motivated engineers who create self-organised agile R&D environment that has already successfully attracted amazing engineers in Moscow.

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