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О компании «Coins.ph»

Coins.ph is a Southeast Asian fintech company that enables anyone, including those without a bank account, to easily access financial services directly from their phone.

Founded in 2014 in the Philippines and serving over 10 million customers, Coins.ph is one of the first blockchain-backed platforms to reach significant mainstream consumer adoption. The company’s mobile app provides consumers with direct access to banking and digital payment services, including local and international remittances, mobile air-time, bill payments, game credits, and online shopping.

The company has also built one of the country’s largest cash distribution networks, operating through over 33,000 partner locations domestically and over 500,000 locations worldwide.

Coins.ph is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and is the first ever blockchain-based company in Asia to hold both Virtual Currency and Electronic Money Issuer licenses from a central bank.

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