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О компании «ClearScale»

About the company 

ClearScale (headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA) - AWS Premier Consulting Partner has been offering a full range of professional cloud computing services for over 10 years, including architecture design, DevOps automation, refactoring and cloud-native applications development, integration, migration, solving all sorts of security issues (from just a security check to preventing cyber-attacks) and 24/7 technical support using the best advanced technologies.

ClearScale holds a prestigious Premier AWS Consulting partner status (about 50 partners in North America out of 15,000+,  top 2% tier). We have 11 competencies (DevOps, Data & Analytics, IoT, HealthCare, Migration, Mobile, Nonprofit, AWS Machine Learning, Microsoft workloads, Education, SaaS) and over 100+ AWS certifications. Unlike many partners, we are committed to AWS platform exclusively which makes our consulting team most experienced and knowledgeable about AWS products and solutions in North America. 

  • We were the third company to gain a new AWS competence: Applied AI and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). Less than 15 partners have this competency!
  • We have confirmed status in the Database Freedom program (total less than 20 companies in)
  • Proven expertise as a Managed Services Provider (total less than 16 companies in). This means that ClearScale can perform a full cycle consultancy and service: from audits, system or software development to the 24/7. You can read more about us on the company page - Managed Services.

The list of our customers is diverse: from government companies (ClearScale is an official cloud partner of the State of California) and educational institutions (University of California, San Francisco) to well-known global brands (IBM, Samsung, GoPro, HP, Conde Nast, Carl Zeiss, etc.) The number of satisfied customers has been well over 850, some of which can be found on the company's website in the Case Studies section.

Since the very foundation of the company, we work 100% remotely from various cities and countries. Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley, with offices in New York, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, San Jose, Toronto, Novosibirsk.

We work on a high trust basis within the company, therefore we do not monitor work being done via taking screen captures, webcams or log keyboard typing, as many other companies do. The professional reputation of our employees is of the highest value.

What we do

ClearScale offers a full range of professional cloud services including architecture design, integration, migration, automation, management, and application development.

Our core competency is delivering custom cloud projects and services for clients who have limited cloud experience on staff or who need additional resources. We leverage the best cloud technology available to provide a solution that is unique to a project requirements. 

We work with large enterprises and growing business across all verticals including social, gaming, media, entertainment, ecommerce, mobile, and education.

We are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner because of our proven capability to design, build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. Our team of AWS-certified engineers, architects, and developers loves a good challenge and we specialize in deployments with ambitious goals and hard deadlines.

ClearScale offers services across these key categories:

  • Migration: Migrate any existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud from anywhere
  • Application Development: Develop cloud-native applications optimized to run at any scale. Updating legacy applications for cloud
  • Deployment: Deploy new applications and infrastructure in the cloud
  • Big Data: Stream, store, and process vast amounts of data for a customer-facing applications
  • Automation: Automate entire cloud infrastructure using the latest tools from AWS, Ansible, Chef, and Docker.
  • Managed Services (MSP): Our clients can focus on core business while we oversee the day-to-day management of a cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Strategy: Our clients can plan their move to the cloud or an expansion of their existing cloud deployment based on best practices we’ve developed across hundreds of successful client engagements
  • Security & Governance: Secure any data and ensure that our clients' cloud deployment meets strict compliance requirements
  • AWS Cloud Consulting: We help to getting started in AWS or expand existing AWS adoption by working with ClearScale to guide strategy, implementation, and successful launch.

About the culture 

At ClearScale, we offer challenging projects with a collaborative and approachable environment. We understand that our success results from our diverse and dynamic workforce. It is the same people who compose our invaluable culture. Also important to our culture are the company’s core values: People Matter, Authenticity Always, Take Ownership, Get Things Done, and Teamwork. Does this sound like you?   

You’ll be a great fit if:

  • You love being a part of a small, dynamic, and agile team that encourages you to learn and grow
  • You desire to work with some of the world’s top brands
  • You love finding solutions to interesting problems and figuring out how things work
  • You welcome having autonomy with complex tasks
  • You are passionate about using your experience and expertise to inspire the team

See below for open positions and join the team of the best minds in the cloud ! 

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