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Cinarra is a global company with locations the U.S., Japan and Russia, interconnected by our passion of driving value for our mobile network operator and marketer partners.

Our privacy-first location analytics platform leverages deterministic mobile operator data to help marketers reach customers during their physical journey, while giving their carrier partners a new source of revenue. Currently, Cinarra processes billons of 4G LTE & WiFi location updates daily and is well prepared to drive Data Monetization Solutions in 5G networks. Cinarra is currently working with key partners powering location-based campaigns for Fortune 500 brands including Nissan, Amazon, McDonalds, Nike, Starbucks, Adobe, Disney, BMW, Sony, Adidas and hundreds more.

Cinarra has raised $25 million in funding, led by SoftBank and Almaz Capital, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Live with SoftBank Mobile, Cinarra is the leader in location analytics and data monetization in Japan.

We provide a safe new source of revenue to MNOs by giving marketers a secure platform to deliver location-based campaigns, 100% free of any personally identifiable information (PII)

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