О компании «Robert Bosch Sp. z o.o.»

Make IT work, change the world!

Join the Team of IT experts at Bosch Poland.
Take advantage of your ideas, experience and skills and make an incredible impact across the globe!

Do you want beneficial technologies to be shaped by your ideas? Whether in the areas of mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology, energy or building technology - with us you will have a chance to improve the quality of life across the globe.

The Bosch Group's success in Poland is measured by its leading position in all fields of activity. Today Bosch belongs to best-recognized and trusted brands in Poland. The company constantly increases its engagement in our country, through investment and searching for new expansion opportunities. At the moment, right before our eyes, the company transforms into a leading supplier of IoT solutions, creating new concepts of mobility, setting trends in the field of smart homes and smart cities, as well as in Industry 4.0.

We keep setting new standards to create integrated future. This mission is only possible with the help of a global network of more than 410,000 highly committed employees, with pioneers who break new technological ground every day.

So why not join our fast-growing team and embark on something remarkable? Welcome to Bosch!

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