iOS Developer (Remote)

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Условия работы

1Blocker is an iOS & Mac app that lets you block ads, trackers, and other web annoyances in Safari.

1Blocker is a sustainable business that has been profitable from year 1 and has been growing healthily ever since. We are 100% independent and bootstrapped.

Open Role

We are looking for an iOS developer with strong skills in building a fast and clean backend side of the app (i.e. business logic and data layer):

  • JSON Serialization
  • Core Data
  • iCloud & CloudKit Sync
  • Managers, Services, Controllers, etc.

You'll be responsible for building and maintaining a new feature/app that takes advantage of a Network Extension on iOS. To succeed at this position, you should be experienced with NEPacketTunnelProvider, VPN, proxy servers, HTTP/HTTPS servers, DNS, IP packages.

You'll also be involved in collaborations with other areas of the app - for example, creating reusable interface components.

Extra points to you, if you have experience in developing native Mac apps (AppKit), worked with SwiftUI, Combine, Swift NIO, automated localization, optimized performance, wrote tests, fluent in English, and like to watch a lot of WWDC videos.

Who you are

  • Self-organized. Self-discipline and staying focused are essential when working remotely. 
  • A collaborator. We look for people who actively want critical feedback on their work early and often. All team members are responsible for helping make decisions about what needs to be done.
  • Meticulous about quality. Quality matters a great deal in everything we do, whether that's engineering, content, or design — we care about creating things that we're proud of.
  • A clear communicator. As a remote team that communicates almost exclusively through writing — concise, written communication is essential.
  • A "no ego" doer. We enjoy working with smart people who have lots of ideas, yet are happy to discard their former opinions whenever a better way of doing things presents itself.


  • 💵 Competitive salary. Based on role, skill, and experience.
  • 🧑‍💻 Work that matters. This is a key role in a small team with plenty of freedom.
  • 🌍 Work from anywhere. From a home office, co-working space, or travel continuously.
  • 💻 Hardware. A new MacBook Pro to get your job done.
  • 🏢 Co-working. If you prefer to work from a co-working space, we'll help pay for it.
  • 📚 Grow your skills. We'll pay for books and courses that will help you grow your professional skills.

How To Apply

Take your time and make your application stand out. Show us the work that you are proud of. If you worked in a team, tell us what you built and the challenges you solved.

There might be a paid trial project - typically 20-30 hours of work. This provides a great opportunity to understand what it's like to work with each other before pursuing a full-time offer.