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Junior DevOps Engineer [IT Operations]


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We make e-wallet revolution in South East Asia

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Coins.ph is the Southeast Asia's leading platform that allows anyone to access financial services from their phone: banking, remittances, mobile air-time (prepaid load), bill payments, game credits, online shopping, and digital currency purchases. Founded in 2014 in the Philippines and serving over 5 million customers, our mission is to increase financial inclusion across Southeast Asia's 650 million population, which remains largely unbanked.

We are looking for a Junior DevOps Engineer to join our IT Operations team, which is responsible for building and automating development, testing and production environments. In this role you will be at the forefront of helping our developers resolve various incidents and challenges that they face during their work. Also there would be high possibilities for career growth within the team of skilled DevOps in international company. We are open to consider the candidates with minimum experience and contribute to your professional growth and development.


  • Investigate incidents and analyse logs;
  • Help developers in solving problems with software and deployment;
  • Do technical Writing, How to, FAQs;
  • Make code refactoring and development using Terraform, Helm, Python, Golang.
  • Self-learning with the help from skilled DevOps


  • Go and Python as main programming languages for the majority of our backend;
  • Terraform to manage AWS and treat Infrastructure as Code;
  • Helm as Package Manager for Kubernetes allows us to have decent contract between Product Engineering and SRE team;
  • Kubernetes is enhanced with Monitoring (Prometheus), vertical and horizontal pod auto-scaler, network security policies;
  • Storage Layer is implemented on classic solution with PostgreSQL;
  • Kafka is taking its place in Event/Message bus;
  • Redis as a cache;
  • Elasticsearch as a log storage;
  • Ansible to automate routine tasks.


    • Basic level of written English;
    • Basic knowledge of Linux and command line utilities;
    • General acquaintance with cloud providers: AWS, GCP, MS Azure;
    • Basic programming skills in any language, Python or Golang will be a plus;
    • Ability to read and make small edits to someone else's code;
    • Git experience;
    • Experience in technical writing, habit of commenting your code and writing Readme.


    • Basic level of spoken English;
    • Participation in the development of any OpenSource project;
    • Own github repository with configs, scripts, etc;
    • Experience in a support team;
    • Experience as a Linux system administrator;
    • Even a little experience with any of the cloud providers (AWS is a priority): creating instances, using various services;
    • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes.


    • Work anywhere in a remote friendly environment with flexible schedule and extended vacation - if desired, it is possible to relocate to the Philippines or Thailand and work there;
    • Opportunity to start your career in IT sphere and gain hands-on experience in an international product company;
    • Continuous practice of English: you will be communicating with colleagues from geo-distributed teams not only in Russia/CIS, but also Asia and Europe;
    • Immediate mentor, who will be responsible for your professional development and growth;
    • Opportunity to explore a large stack of popular technologies under the guidance of experienced DevOps: Agile, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, DevOps practices, Golang and Python, etc;
    • Customer-driven development: we don't develop features without listening to our customers, each step makes the product more convenient, useful, secure and reliable for our users;
    • Professional growth: we invest time and money in your career by sponsoring IT conferences, courses and trainings;
    • Paid medical insurance, coworking rental, technical equipment (Mac or similar laptop) at one’s choice and business trips to our Manila HQ (after the pandemic);
    • Ever-open offices in Manila and Bangkok, which you can visit at any time.

    Дополнительные инструкции

    We are glad to know that you are interested in joining Coins.ph team! :)

    One of the selection stages for this position is online testing. Based on its' results we will move forward to the face-to-face interviews.

    Link to the test: https://forms.gle/pAQqbXzpH5mHLGU78
    Time for competion is unlimited.

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to e-meeting you :)

    Coins.ph hiring team