Senior Java backend developer (remote)


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LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to bring ideas to life to build the future and be a stakeholder of it. Internet startups conquered the commanding heights after 20 years since the dot-com bubble. Blockchain is the internet of value - the next wave which outperforms any technology and industry in history. This technology is a game-changer for a vast market of blood and brain of humankind: payments and trading. The blockchain works worldwide: no need for central banks, layers of private banks, or custodians.
LATOKEN is a top blockchain bet on the financial system upgrade.
Our mission is to put
Money and assets at fingertips worldwide:

  • Open account and deposit fiat in a few seconds
  • Manage money: Pay, Receive or Transfer
  • Manage assets: Crypto, Startups, Pre - IPO, Equity

Unit: Platform
Unit Mission: Rocksolid platform for plug-in products
Role: Senior Java Backend developer
Main task: Keep our programs up to date and well-running for our customers


  • Write / Design / Architect / Implement new microservices & Java programs, making sure they fall within your KPIs: - Latency of the entire back end below 60 ms - Roundtrip of an full transaction below 200 ms - Have your microservices process our data in 50 ms max
  • Improve, document and develop of the platform Java services/modules integrating with our product plug-ins.
  • Streamline, Optimize, Speed-up (SOS) our internal Java communication modules, making sure that their output is consistent, fast and reliable.
  • Create and/or update and run Unit tests for newly written code, making sure that the quality of your code is impeccable.
  • Pro-actively hunting for business-logic errors, code errors and other vulnerabilities in the code, written by you and your colleagues. Take time to research and then teach / explain / demonstrate to your team and other interested parties new developments in Java, Spring, Microservices, Kafka, etc.


    • 3+ years of development experience with Java
    • Olympiad winning problem-solving skills, fast and robust results
    • Experience with Docker
    • Experience with Spring Framework (Core, MVC, WebFlux)
    • Knowledge and ability to write SQL queries (PostgreSQL and others)
    • Experience in server API development
    • Understanding of microservice apps development principles
    • Able to lead complex projects in a high pace&pressure of capital markets environment

    Will be an advantage:

    • Knowledge and experience of CI/CD settings
    • System orchestration (Kubernetes and similar)
    • Experience with RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka
    • Knowledge of databases (Redis, MongoDB, RocksDB, Cassandra, and similar)
    • Experience with gRPC/protobuf

    Why LATOKEN:

    • Build the future. Level up the financial system. Put it at fingertips, so everybody can use the money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.
    • 2x mobile users'growth each month, 4.7 ratings.
    • The Largest primary market with 160 IEOs since 2017.
    • The team is our main product, we build a culture capable to shift frontiers. A great workplace is stunning colleagues. Adequate performers should work elsewhere. The only top talent here.
    • Be stakeholder.You build a product helping people’s success. People pay for it and you get a stake of these future payments as a LATOKEN shareholder. We have the highest in fintech team shares pool.
    • We overpay.If you are with us, as a shareholder, you should earn 10-100x comparing to any other top career alternative. And the team expects your performance to match the reward.

    You will receive 100*[your salary] in stock option value in dollars. You can earn a lot if you put clients first, want, and capable to make the world better with the new technology.
    Feel a great fit - apply now or forward to a great candidate.