Data Engineer [Data team]


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We make e-wallet revolution in South East Asia

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

We are a product oriented company from Philippines. Our main product is an electronic payment service and e-wallet for users from South Asian countries(for example, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia).

Our product helps people to open access to financial tools in a complicated bank system situation.

Through our wallet users can send money anyone, pay for subscriptions, receive money transfers from 200+ countries and lands even without bank account.

Who you Are

  • We are looking for a savvy Data Engineer to join our growing data team.
  • At your position you will be responsible for building and shipping data-driven applications that drive the existing and new business initiatives.
  • We actively seek individuals who are high in industriousness and high in orderliness, with an intrinsic interest in data platforms and distributed systems.
  • The ideal candidate has strong programming skills in creating software solutions around data.


  • Build and maintain the organization’s data pipeline systems
  • Plan, build, deploy, and maintain scalable kappa-architectured machine learning infrastructure
  • Monitor and provide transparency into data quality across systems (accuracy, consistency, completeness, etc)
  • Work on the data platform for BI team that prepares reports for different company departments
  • Work closely with data science team on delivering and operationalizing ML-based applications in production
  • Build the ETL framework
  • Build ML driven and data-science friendly tools ecosystems

Required skills

  • Advanced programming skills using Java / Scala
  • Knowledge of Linux and command line tools
  • Understanding of distributed systems in general
  • SQL
  • Experience in data processing frameworks (Hadoop/Spark/Flink)
  • Knowledge of different storage engines (ideally relational, non-relational, distributed file systems)
  • Self-management and communications skills

Skills good to have

  • General programming skills in Python
  • Python data-science tools and libraries (Jupyter, scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, pandas etc.)
  • Data analytics
  • Multi-threading programming
  • Experience building Data Lake / BI platform / DWH
  • CI/CD infrastructure
  • Managed services on the cloud (AWS, GCP, etc)
  • Open-source workflow managers (Apache Oozie, Apache Airflow, Luigi, Azkaban, etc.)
  • Docker, Kubernetes

Our work environment

  • Remote friendly
  • Flexible schedule
  • International geo distributed team
  • Opportunity for business trips to SEA countries
  • Open-mindedness for new technologies
  • AWS
  • DevOps culture
  • Focus on continuous learning and development
  • Flexible Vacation