Senior Java Developer

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Ведущая глобальная компания, оказывающая услуги по формированию digital стратегии и разработке программного обеспечения

Описание вакансии

Project Description:

We build platform which supports client onboarding process in global financial institution. This platform implements Straight-Through Processing pipeline. It has complex integrations with external modules/systems as well as extensive customizing capabilities. 
Technically solution consists of two main components – configuration instance and load-balanced back office installations. The core of the platform is integrated into the company’s infrastructure via API gateway and supported by a number of specialized components for reporting, data transfer and so on. 
Solution also has a client-facing Web portal as one of integrated parts. 
We use Java and Kotlin, Mongo DB, Hazelcast, Activiti, JBoss Drools and other frameworks. 

- Think over and implement decisions on software architecture; 
- Influence system design; 
- Challenge code quality, refactor where needed; 
- Perform code reviews; 
- Validate requirements, perform feasibility study, estimate efforts; 
- Develop software: code and tests. 

Mandatory Skills:
- More than 5 years of experience in software development; 
- MUST: java multithreading, collections, patterns; 
- Up-to-date overview of modern software development tools and techniques. 


- Бесплатные профессиональные тренинги

- Обучение английскому языку

- ДМС для сотрудника и членов семьи

- Internal Mobility, возможность переехать в другие страны

- Спортивные программы

И многое другое.