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Backend Rust developer


от 2000 до 4000 €



Местоположение и тип занятости

МоскваМожно удаленно


We help local business start selling goods in as little as 1 hour, all over the world

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Storiqa is a global marketplace of tangible goods on basis of blockchain technologies.Our product copes with two main tasks:

1. An opportunity to pay for tangible goods with crypto currency without dollar exchange. It is crucial, for instance, for such companies as wikileaks, which in fact turned out to be beyond the legal pale unlawfully.2. We help entrepreneurs, primarily from Russia, to expand their products into international markets. Storiqahas a big expertise in this sphere, since it was created by a team of experienced developers who had already successfully implemented such projects as Boomstarter (first crowdfunding platform in Russia).

We are forming a professional team now and planning to develop this project using innovative technology. Our head office is in Moscow at the moment, but we are about to open a representative office in the USA, so there will be an opportunity of relocation.

The project represents a Graphql gateway architecturally with REST micro services. Every micro service is free-run and uses its own data unit - Postgres / Redis. There will be a reduced version of CQRS simply event log as well, which may be used if relevant, to replace easily, for example, the data unit from SQL to NoSQL or blockchain. Sage is used to provide cross service consistency in case of mutations. We pay special attention to the strict type checking and proper code organization, so that it is possible to focus on features realization instead of endless bugfixing.

All in all, our top priority is to write micro services using business logic for an online shop, further blockchain will appear and it will be possible to choose which direction we would like to focus on.Job duties:

  • Writing RESTful microservices and Graphql gateway in Rust;
  • Working on the overall architectural problems and making sure the code is clean and stable;
  • Working with blockchain API / networks.


  • Experience with Rust (or STRONG desire to switch to this language);
  • Experience with either one of FP languages (Scala / Haskell / Clojure / Ocaml) or low-level languages like Go / C++ / C. Mandatory if you don't have experience with Rust, preferably o/w;
  • Experience with development of web servers.

The benefits of working for the company:

  • Only one-round job interview and no other jitters;
  • Working schedule: 5/2, 10:00 am— 7:00 pm (may be flexible upon request);
  • An opportunity of working from home once a week;
  • A personal Apple Mac with additional monitors;
  • The office is located near Semenovskaya subway station;
  • Poker on Fridays;
  • Dress-code: be yourself!