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Senior C# WPF Developer



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Our main activity is to connect product companies in the EU and UK with highly-skilled software engineers.

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

About the client:

We’re one of the leading and rapidly growing companies in the Netherlands with huge potential and multiple opportunities. Our main mission is to make people happy by providing highly responsive and super functional shopping platform. That is why we have no time to stop, but to grow, progress and expand! A fountain of ideas is splashing over the edge and we’re eager to realise them all. Right from the beginning of the company’s existence, we’ve done everything to make sure that our staff is made up of professional and result driven developers only. Highly qualified IT department is what leads company to success. That’s the main reason why we’ve never turned a blind eye on the skills of our team members and hired only the best!

You role:

  • Work on WPF applications development, making them as simple and intuitive as it’s only possible;
  • Work in a Scrum team and closely collaborate with the designers and Web API developers;
  • Create accurate codes that could be tested and maintained for the future use;
  • Prepare reports to share them with other members from the team;

What we expect you to do:

  • Become an integral part of the team’s Scrum process with all its multidisciplinary tasks;
  • Make the right decisions with accordance to technical choices (e.g. tools, architecture, tech processes);
  • Work in a team to help it grow and become better and more efficient;
  • Review the codes and feedback to the team so that you all can work on quality improvements;
  • Deliver on sprint commitment;
  • Write accurate and well maintainable codes that can improve the company’s software and guarantee high level quality;
  • Generate new ideas all the times! We have the money to realise them! That’s why we expect you to be creative and efficient!

Our recent achievement

The recent app we’ve designed was an application for our financial department that greatly facilitated day-to-day routine of the staff. With the new application now they can not only store and consume the data, but also perform a great number of operations, important to deal with the customers.

The team

The team is made up of several developers, all with their own specialization. What makes our team different from the most existing IT development teams is that it’s very versatile. Our fellows strive to learn new technologies, learn new programming languages, discover new solutions and become all-purpose specialists. These are the ambitions that we’d expect from you too :) The team is managed by two people who are going to challenge you all the time - these are your Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Your qualification:

  • You’ve got all the needed tools to grow and prove to be the best;
  • At least 5 years of working experience as a C# WPF developer;
  • Knowledge and understanding of Git(hub);
  • Understanding of the consumers’ needs;
  • Knowledge of Dream MVVM design pattern;
  • Prove to know .NET (C#) really good;
  • Inquisitive mind to learn and explore new development technologies and methods, algorithms, design patterns, unit testing and so on;
  • You’re eager to move and live in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.


What we offer our BEST candidates:

Career and personal growth in a professional team of developers;
Decent salary and nice money compensations - chip in your pension plan, pay for travel tickets, etc.;
A paid-leave on term of 25 days;
Professional trainings and skilled sparring partners to learn new things and professionally grow;
International staff and user-friendly working atmosphere;
A cosy office right at the center of Rotterdam (40 mins away to Amsterdam by train) to enjoy nice sightseeings right out from the window;
Industry perks such as parties, free beers, and much more!
We welcome professionals from all over the world and hence, cover most their expenditures. If you prove to be a master of your craft, we will pay rent for an apartment, help you move your furniture and stuff during your trial period, buy flight tickets for you and your family and help you get insurances, a social security number and whatever’s needed for comfortable living in Rotterdam.

On coming to Rotterdam, you’ll surely find a lot of new opportunities. It’s a second-large city in the country with the biggest port in the world. The city is located only 40 mins away from Amsterdam by train which means you can go sightseeing at any time of the day! Rotterdam itself is a very beautiful city with mixed architecture and noble statues, scattered everywhere. In Rotterdam you will hardly be able to be late for work. It’s the city with a rich underground system made up of 40 subway stations. Another way to get to the office is to jump on a bike, a mega popular vehicle in the country! Rotterdam is also famous for its Erasmus University Rotterdam. If you plan to relocate with your kids, now you know where they can study :) It’s the biggest university in the town and the best educational establishment with accordance to the world rankings.