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О компании «WinTech»

WinTech Platform has been in the market for 12 years, now our team of 110 employees creates software solutions for online gambling and provides a complete portfolio of B2B products, combined with best-in-class management services.


    Here are some of our core values:

    • Development: our ongoing philosophy is to invest actively in the future of every employee who wants to be part of a growth mindset culture and has ambitious career goals.
    • Diversity: creating the best product is challenging, but by building  such a passionate and culturally diverse team, we can come up with incredible ideas.
    • Vigor: creating the best product requires the right combination of expertise and skills, but there is always a motivating power in meeting the required standards and enthusiasm for what we do.
    • Fortitude: it keeps us able to overcome the obstacles of an increasingly changing environment and stay resilient in the face of adversity, giving us the strength to carry on and strive for better results.

    Join the great WinTech team and together we will continue to conquer new heights!

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