О компании «Whitescape»

We are an experienced team that can be hired to build virtually any product, avoiding commonly made mistakes and contributing our startup experience as well.

Our most notable projects to date:

  • RIDERS (mobile startup, seed round, 500 thousands users) — the world's largest riders community. We've done idea, design, web and mobile development (see case study).
  • Uploadcare (IaaS startup, break-even, storing more than 150 billion files) — file upload widget, cloud storage with API, and CDN. We’ve done idea, design, web, mobile and CDN development.
  • Lambada Market (e-commerce startup, bootstrapped, growing 20% per month) — place to buy and sell special things. We’ve done consulting, design, web development.
  • Vector (education project) — online school for urban entrepreneurs. We’ve done consulting, web development (see case study).
  • Zap (mobile startup, alpha version development) — uber-like courier rush delivery in Singapore. We’ve done consulting, design, iOS, Android, React Native, API and web development (see the short video about the app).

Whitescape was founded in 2008 in St Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, Estonia. We had a dream — to make internet better. Over the past eight years we have built more than 150 projects for our customers like ABBYY, Intel, Kaspersky Lab, McDonald’s, Grundfos, MTS, Megafon, Rambler&Co, Selectel, Auriga, Bercut, Uponor, and Leo Burnett. Additionally we have founded and bootstrapped two successful startups: RIDERS and Uploadcare.

How we work:

  1. Discovery — We start with a brief, detailed discussion to uncover the roots of any challenge the customer faces. As a result we have a vision of the product we'll develop.
  2. Planning — We gather requirements through conversations and workshops, collaborating with you to determine the best way to move forward, and scope out your project pricing and timeline. Result — set of user stories, which can be easily converted to specific tasks.
  3. Execution — When the foundation is solid, we start the design and development process. This is collaborative, transparent, and iterative, and you always can see what we are working on and what to expect next. We aim to launch working product as soon as possible.
  4. Launch — When a product has enough value for it’s customers, we roll it out.
  5. Evolution — Rethink. Rebuild. Repeat. Product grows with your business.

We use modern tools and techniques: design with Sketch, Invision and responsive componential approach; development with ES6/React, python/Django, Node.js, iOS, Android, React Native, git flow and TDD; management with Trello, Slack, Harvest, lean development and zero inbox principles.

We are interested in challenging projects and looking into long-lasting partnerships. Contact us: hello@whitescape.com, Facebook.

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