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О компании «WestStein»

WestStein Ltd was established and is managed by a team experienced in banking, international relations, new technologies and entrepreneurship. This provides us with an in-­depth understanding of the financial technology industry and client needs, as well as of the best added­ value services. 

For us, simplicity is key, and our clients’ needs are our inspiration. When creating our company, brand and products, we took a fresh look at the basics of financial services, and added the newest technologies and insights to the modern customer's needs. Less fuss, more transparency and flexibility, not to mention better pricing and full online management is what we came up with. Our products and solutions have no borders – we follow regulations to maintain a high degree of compliance, as well as provide quality customer service and security standards, while innovating and offering focused and digital financial products. We believe that financial technologies, or FinTech, should serve the community - the businesses and individuals who make use of them - and not vice versa. 

WestStein provides its services in cooperation with the London based company Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS) founded in 2008. PFS is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and is a Mastercard and electronic money institution licence holder. PFS is owned and operated by a team with decades of experience in payment card services and banking technology. PFS’s clients include Nikon, Adidas, JPMorgan Chase, and many other companies and public institutions.

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