О компании «Webdevelop PRO»

At Webdevelop PRO, we solve our clients’ business challenges by creating experiences that engage, innovate, and delight.

Our team is passionate about human-centric experience strategy, design, and development and enjoys delivering amazing concepts and digital solutions for our clients.

We have fun and enjoy hanging out with each other in a culture that supports and celebrates our diverse talents, backgrounds, and skills.

We provide a unique opportunity:

— to work directly with USA customers having daily calls with the management team over the ocean;

— be a part of a small but snappy team where your opinion and your decisions matter;

— 100% remote - live in Bali, Thailand, or the Dominican Republic;

— paid trips to Europe and the USA;

— to get shares of the project you are engaged in. This can get you an additional 100-200k in the next 4-5 years.

Why work with us?

  1. We can offer attractive compensation packages to top-tier developers, including competitive base pay + bonuses.
  2. We are a stable company with a demonstrated history of building complex fintech products.
  3. Our products have been featured in the most significant mass media resources.
  4. All our projects are more than ten months long.
  5. Be able to work with experienced (10+ years) veterans and pick up new skills and knowledge.
  6. Full support for remote work.
  7. Paid teambuilding trips.
  8. English language courses.
  9. Flexible vacation policy - work with your manager to take time off when you need it.
  10. Stable bi-weekly payments in a stable currency, no delays.
  11. Salary review every 8-10 months based on your impact and gained skills.
  12. Annual bonus.

Join a fun, collaborative, mutually supportive team of brilliant people today!

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