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The Uptick Story

We believe there is a smarter way to plan, manage and run customer facing operations for companies who sell via a subscription model. That’s why we train our AI-drive CRM system on your data, so you can truly understand what actions and activities lead to value creation, upsells and renewals.

Uptick captures the entire customer story – all interactions, how they use your products, who is engaged and how -- and acts as your digital adviser by recommending the specific actions each participant can take to maximize value and success.

Uptick creates a unique 360 degree view of customers and activities to drive predictions and insights that help keep your renewal and upsell opportunities on track.

Uptick maximizes renewal revenue and minimizes churn by analyzing customer engagement to provide early warnings of renewals and customers that are at risk.

Uptick is built from the ground up on an AI platform that is always learning to provide your teams with the insights they need to drive successful customer outcomes.

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