О компании «True P&L»

What is True P&L?

True P&L is a social crypto trading platform that aims to democratize trading activities. The analytical tools and statistics available on True P&L will allow investors to make more informed decisions when copying trades, while traders will get passive income from their strategies.

Platform Key Advantages

True P&L service is designed to stimulate users to publicly share their trading performance. The system of public rating will allow choosing the most profitable traders and bringing them together with investors. To share your trading information, you just need to connect your trading API. True P&L integrates with the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

About Team

Our team consists of people who are deeply passionate about fintech projects, and crypto space. The 20 years of integrated project management in finance and marketing give our team an advantage in project development. Besides, we continue to follow the innovations in the financial sector, trying to identify new trends and to adapt them to our vision.

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