О компании «Toqomo»

Our company develops software of automation of universities, banks, warehouses and customs terminals, shopping centers and government agencies. Also provides a direct introduction of software of our own production and production of our partners.

Our main foreign partners:

  • «RITM» (Russia) – leading developer and producer of GPS-GSM monitoring and security systems for mobile facilities.
  • «Marktrace» (China) – biggest venture with years of extensive experience of working in RFID technology.
  • «Alien Technology» (USA) – the one of leading companies, which specializes in RFID technology.
  • «Siemens» (Germany) – German multinational concern, works in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, energy equipment, vehicles, medical equipment and lighting, also specialized services in various fields of industry, transport and communications.
  • «Sony» (Japan) – multinational corporation which produces household and professional electronics, game consoles and other high-tech products.
  •  «IMPINJ» (USA) – semiconductor elements largest developer. Specializes in the producing chips and readers of EPCGlobal standard.
  • «Digitax» (Italy) – is an internationally recognized leader in taximeter for the commercial, public and professional transportation of people and goods, has offices in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, as well as an extensive distribution network 65 countries.

Toqomo is a friendly and united team. We believe that to achieve excellent results, a favorable atmosphere within the company is important, and therefore we create all conditions for the disclosure of the potential and development of talents of our employees.

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