No Borders IT-Recruitment & Outsourcing Agency

Topperformer is specializing in talent acquisition as well as outsourcing teams with high level of IT expertise. Our work is focused on Russian, CIS and European markets.

Are you looking for a job in IT or would like to hire qualified employees? Probably, you need the whole outsourcing team which will take upon the technological project for your business from the ground up.

Whatever are your goals, Topperformer has all the means to reach them. That is proved by dozens of projects in Banking &FinTech, Hardware, AI & ML, FoodTech, E-commerce, and not only!


For jobseekers

• Opportunity to get your dream job from the most progressive and famous companies in Russia, CIS and EU.

For outsourcing teams

• Interesting and well-paid hi-tech projects in different industries.

• Supporting the contract execution and developing the whole package of documents when necessary.

For employers and outsourcing customers

• Result, more result and forever result! We are selecting talents and teams that are able to give it for real.

• C-level professionals, team leads, developers, system- and business analytics, QA, Data intelligence, AI & ML-specialists – we will find the specialists if required expertise.

• Reasonable prices for the services which bring you the experience of highly skilled professionals.

Contact us. It is worth it!



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