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Северо-Западный Завод Металлоконструкций

SZZM "metal factory of St. Petersburg." Manufacture of metal structures in our factory today - is a guarantee of reliability of metal structures erected by us in the future. SZZM "metal factory" is one of the leading manufacturers of metal structures. During the years of fruitful work the plant has completed numerous large orders for the production of steel structures, as well as the design and construction of large industrial and civil use. The main activity of the company SZZM "metal factory" is the design, manufacture and installation of steel structures. Production of steel structures at the factory SZZM individual orders. Production is unique in its purpose and methods of making so large a role the design, engineering and technological preparation of production. The factory has in its structure several specialized and engineering offices. Steel structures are not only designed and manufactured in the factory, but is delivered from the factory floor right on the building site and assembled on site. To do this, set up several subsidiaries, among which are selling the metal, engineering, manufacturing, construction, transport, etc. Together with the plant, they form a "Group of Companies SZZM." For all types of enterprises SZZM "metal factory" has the necessary licenses and certificates. In keeping with the progressive trends of architecture and construction, the company has accumulated and successfully built up a unique professional experience in design and manufacturing of complex metal structures. The plant SZZM "metal factory" is formed and stable working production team consisting of skilled and experienced workers, designers, engineers and technical workers and managers. SZZM "metal factory" located in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg on October embankment, not far from the ring road. Location of the plant greatly facilitates access to the main waterway of the October Railway, seaports, transportation hubs to other Northwest.

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