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О компании «Svitla Systems Inc.»

Svitla Systems is a multinational software development company headquartered in California, with business and development offices throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Germany).

Since 2003, Svitla Systems has served a wide range of customers, from innovative startups in Silicon Valley to large corporations like Amplience, Ancestry, Thermo Fisher, and AstraZeneca. Our projects come mainly from the US and EU and are a perfect setting for you to work with innovative technologies in a variety of exciting industries. In Svitla, developers work with clients directly and are fully integrated with their processes, which helps them build lasting and successful partnerships and make an impact in cutting-edge products.

With us, you can choose a working model that suits you best: 100% remote, hybrid-remote, or even road warrior. Remote work is a major part of our culture, we are experts in building efficient processes and communicating effectively to support our distributed teams. Our developers are trustworthy professionals who favor autonomy and don’t require micromanagement. 

While most of our projects allow remote, our spacious and bright offices, situated in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv), Poland (Krakow) and Mexico (Guadalajara) are always ready to welcome our teammates. 

All our processes are designed with one goal: to make each individual’s experience pleasant and productive. We provide a highly competitive compensation plan, comprehensive medical insurance, unlimited learning opportunities, and professional growth. In Svitla, you will definitely enjoy a work-life balance adjustable to your preferences. 

We are a friendly and supportive community. Our team of bright individuals loves technology and innovation and thrives on our environment of openness and trust. We engage in sporting and social events and are an active member of the IT community where we proactively share best practices, knowledge, and ideas, and nurture continuous and effective networking.

Svitla Systems is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for new talents to join our team. You can find hot openings on svitla.com/career, and send your resume to recruiters@svitla.com.

Join us today!

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