О компании «Starnavi»

Starnavi is a fully remote team. We were inspired by companies like Invision, Round Pegs and decided to use similar approach and enjoy all advantages remote work could give you!

We provide our clients with top-notch solutions, mostly for Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Healthcare, Business intelligence software.

There are lots of plans on our way and we would like to get more of reliable colleagues on board.

Values important for us are: personal freedom, adherence to idea and desire live life to the full.

Our benefits:

  • Extensive remote work possibilities;
  • The company is oriented on specific business niches;
  • Opportunity to get more experience with courses, conferences, seminars, master classes and training for company’s expense;
  • We are always ready to hear the employees if they have ideas, and it is welcomed;
  • Regular salary revision;
  • Opportunity to implement your ideas on our internal projects.

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