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О компании «Speed Fire Protection»

Private services emergency situations.

Innovative approach in preventing and extinguishing fires.

Speed ​​Fire Protection takes care of the safety of you and your employees and offers you the best offer of private services for emergency situations. Speed ​​Fire Protection takes care of the design, offers you consultancy and all the steps necessary for PSI approval and PSI authorization. Our experience in the field of fire safety will help you obtain all these necessary authorizations and approvals in the shortest time after submitting the documentation of the  fire safety authorization and the fire safety approval.

  • 2012, the year the company was founded
  • unique activity object Services and solutions for Protection and Fire Extinguishing
  • Continuous growth and specialization in the PSI field
  • Approach always close to the customer
  •  The complete range of services and equipment for emergency situations .

What are we doing:

  • PSI consultancy
  • installation of PSI systems
  • PSI services
  • PSI distribution

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