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О компании «Silverbird»

How it all started

The Silverbird story

In 2015, our founder, Max Faldin, was trying to streamline cross-border fulfilment for Chinese merchants during the e-commerce boom in Asia. He did well in all parts of the fulfilment process except one – payments.

Back then, international B2B payments were largely unsolved due to high fees, unfair rejections, and outdated regulations.

Later, well-timed regulatory changes arrived. The Second Payment Service Directive (PSD2) was introduced in Europe, paving the way for many neobanks and innovative payment services.

Following his passion for SMEs, Max founded Silverbird to change the way merchants trade globally.

Our vision

We are building the first digital bank for international trade. We believe once the major bottlenecks of cross-border commerce are removed, millions of SMEs will enter the global markets. We’ll be here to provide banking.

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