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О компании «SharpTx»

SharpTx is a newly founded Digital Therapeutics (DTx) company. Our mission is to build and deliver DTx solutions to help users prevent, manage or treat a Mental Health or Central Nervous System condition. Our products are developed in close collaboration with our world-leading clinical partners. We will be running clinical studies and generating large datasets from direct consumer engagement. This data will form the basis of our machine learning efforts to predict the personalised risk of mental health and devise data-driven strategies to curtail disease onset through in-app behavior change coaching. 

Our first product is a mobile app called Sharp that empowers 50+-year-old users to track their cognition and reduce their individual risk of developing Mental Health disorders through clinically-tested and data-driven lifestyle and brain coaching. Through direct consumer engagement and the integration of bleeding-edge clinical science, working on Sharp is a unique opportunity to radically improve mental health care for the millions of patients at risk around the world. 

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