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The Software Development Company (SDC) is a premium software development company dedicated to providing end to end solutions for your business. We help enterprises convert their ideas into a state of the art products perfectly tailored to their customer needs. Our scientific approach in working with requirements on par with our vast business expertise allows us to guarantee an exceptional experience of doing business with us.

Exceptional Projects

Here can find a small part of projects that we actually designed and built. Some of those had a huge technological challenge, whereas others were very challenging from managerial and business analysis perspective. Due to obvious reasons we're not able to tell much.

Digital Forensics

We create complex digital forensics toolkits. Some of our solutions are used to recover and investigate materials found in digital devices (laptops, mobile phones, storage devices). Other tools that we build are used for a network traffic analysis for evidence collection or intrusion detection.

Sometimes we combine existing OSINT (Open-source intelligence) tools with our custom solutions, and sometimes we build entirely new tools tailored to customer-specific needs

Face Recognition

We build best-in-class face recognition solutions used in mobile phones, infrastructure access control systems, and general security systems. Our solutions process hundreds of security cameras in parallel and return alerts in less than a second.

Starting from smart guiding systems and people identification and categorization in a building, continued with crime prevention and missing people lookup, we have proven our solutions excellency in the most challenging conditions of the covid-19 pandemic.

Palm Vein Authentication Systems

We use the latest approaches in biometric security technologies to design palm vein authentication systems. Because palm vein patterns are diverse and complex, they give sufficient information to identify one individual among a large population. Thus, it is more secure compared to some other biometric features.

Our solutions are used in physical access control systems of highly restricted objects, Active Directory authentication mechanisms, and various terminals (like kiosks, gates, etc.) Nowadays, when hygiene requirements are higher than ever, such a contactless authentication method is the best solution for the safety of our credentials and health.

Archived Data Processing Systems Complex

Modern businesses operate with petabytes of business intelligence and archived data that needs to be collected, processed, stored and analyzed. The platform created at SDC allows quick and comfortable creation of ETL pipelines, indexation the data, storage and querying of petabytes of documents and billions of events. A solution for any type of data can be created in no time without compromising on quality or speed of processing.

Data Warehousing

We engineer state-of-the-art storage solutions that can operate on billions of events per day, extracting meaningful data out of it while providing industry-leading compression and scalability. Highly-customizable solution allows easy ingestion from any kind of sources such as IoT sensors, telecom and sigint (signal intelligence), without compromising on access speed, storage or scalability.

Digital Transformation of Governments

We can proudly declare that we designed and implemented a complete digital transformation for a few Gulf region governmental structures. Our managerial approach in working with top-level organizations allowed us to avoid bureaucracy as much as possible and come up with precise solutions tailored to our customers needs in a very short time.

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