О компании «S&K Software Labs»

We're a customer focused company that provides technical expertise in the practice areas of:

  1. Front-end Application Development (Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby)
  2. Back-end Application Development (Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby)
  3. Mobile Application Development (Android, iOS)
  4. System integration (ESB, BPM, framework-based integrations)
  5. Big Data
  6. QA Automation
  7. DevOps/Application maintenance (AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud)

We provide a team extension or a dedicated team depending on the customer needs. Our developers have been through a lot of complex and challenging projects.

We take communication seriously and have developed our own know-how distributed communication approach that gives us ability to be 10 times more effective then an average local or distributed outsourcing team.

Our principles:

  • Meet the client's interests. Understand and satisfy individual needs.
  • Stay forward-thinking and results oriented.
  • Deliver the highest standards of quality.

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