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Shenzhen Poisson Software Co., Ltd. was established on March 23, 2022 and is headquartered in Tian'an Cloud Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Poisson's products are benchmarked against leading companies in the industry. We provide self-designed industrial software with simulation products and integrated CAx for high-end scenarios in four major industries: automotive, advanced equipment, electronics, and home appliance.

Since it was founded, Poisson Software has been committed to respecting knowledge and talents, and integrating innovation, and has continued to form edges in talent cultivation, basic research, and Eco-partnerships.

The Nikolay Joint Innovation Center for Geometric Computing is a joint R&D center jointly established by Poisson, Huawei and other companies. It was established in February 2024. It is headquartered in Novosibirsk and has branches in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and other cities. 

The main research area of the joint innovation center is industrial design software, which is subdivided into geometric kernel projects, cloud geometric kernel projects, MDA projects, and test platform projects.  Among them, the geometric kernel project is committed to creating a new geometric kernel from the bottom to support the advanced needs of CAD, CAE, BIM and other software. 

With the help of Russia's experience and advantages in geometric kernel development, the goal is to surpass SolidWorks. The cloud geometry kernel is optimized and enhanced based on the Opencasecad kernel, and the enhanced version will be open sourced. A version has been open sourced in April 2024. The MDA project is to create a new generation of industrial design software applications to support complex application scenarios and advanced needs in the industrial field.

At present, companies such as Poisson and Huawei have R&D teams of more than 400 people, including more than 70 people in Russia. They plan to expand the Russian team to 170 people by the end of 2024 and 250 people by the end of 2025.

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